First Steps towards GDPR Compliance

The five steps common to all businesses processing personal data

Many business owners have looked at the manifold requirements of the GDPR but have been unable to identify a logical way to achieve compliance because the legislation is overwhelmingly unwieldy for someone who doesn't have legal expertise.

This short 5-video course will lead you through the initial process one isolated step at a time, because you just can't do everything at once.

Your Instructor

Bob Edwards
Bob Edwards

Biog – Commercial Intelligence, IT and Privacy Law Specialist Practitioner, eLearning Tutor, Profiling specialist.

Bob (or Cyber Bob as we often call him) started his legal career in the armed forces in counter intelligence before his 2nd career in legal and IT eLearning commenced in 1996. He has lectured extensively to students studying the ILEX, LLB and for CPE and LPC qualifications, trained the Legal Services Commission and Court Service as well as the RAF police force.

Bob’s forces career took him across the world advising on various Data Privacy, Cyber Law, Immigration and Criminal Law matters. He has a natural ability to explain the complex in simple terms.

GDPR is a development in over 20 years of Data Protection legislation and Bob is a practitioner lecturer also covering the new Data Protection Act 2018, PECR and the new ePrivacy legislation when it arrives (it was expected 2019 but indications now are it could be delayed for 2 more years).

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